Maxim Management Services, LLC
Medical Administrative Services

Medical Billing
Our goal is to increase cash flow by ensuring faster turn around. We file claims and post payments electronically with all major payers on a daily basis utilizing a state-of-the-art practice management system. You always have access to your own practice's data if you need it.

Medical Claims Coding
Our staff of certified coders works directly from doctor's dictation, greatly increasing cash flow for specialists. With payers now "grading" doctors based on their cost utilization adjusted for case severity, proper CPT and ICD-9 coding is more important than ever.

Our transcriptionists can type directly into your electronic medical record or provide traditional transcription services. Quality of service and our ability to customize the product for each medical practice sets us apart from other transcription services.

Outcomes Research
Our coding specialists are certified in the use of the ICD-9 coding system. Our efforts will allow you to measure clinical treatment outcomes by disease process, a crucial step made necessary by payers' increasing demands for detailed information.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Our staff can help you develop patient satisfaction measures/ reports, or train your staff members to do it themselves, so you can have an objective patient satisfaction report. Bi-annual reports allow your practice to chart its progress in meeting patient's needs. Satisfaction surveys are an excellent tool to use in negotiations with payers.

Mystery Patient Studies
Our expert will evaluate from a patient's perspective the performance of all aspects of your practice, from scheduling and paperwork to the doctor's visit and follow-up. The expert's "under-cover" findings will be reported to the physicians. If desired, the expert will appear at your staff meeting to discuss the findings.

Staff Training
Our training associate, vantage solutions, will conduct physician and staff training seminars that meet the individual needs of your practice. Whether it's patient service and telephone skills training or internal team building and motivational techniques, we offer the instructional resources you need to enhance your productivity.

Practice Management Systems
Our modular approach allows each practice to have a state-of-the-art practice management system. Your entire internal operations can be completely outsourced to maxim specialists, or we can help your staff in areas of particular need. We also are a great backup during staff vacations or short-term layoffs.

General Consulting
Our intent is to help your practice streamline its operations for maximum efficiency and help reach the highest level of patient satisfaction. We can assist your practice in developing a marketing plan for today's managed care marketplace.

Medent Consulting
Our consulting staff is highly skilled at making sure your practice is getting maximum efficiency from the medent practice management system. Electronic medical records and the computerization of standard practice documents are areas we specialize in.

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